Development of a Brand-new Online Booking Portal


Project Background

The Client is a US-based marketing and technology corporation providing a range of solutions in the spheres of travel, hospitality and entertainment. Its activities are primarily focused on technological transformation of travel brands internationally — from startups to Fortune 500 companies — through digital marketing, distribution and data analysis solutions.


The Client partnered with GP Solutions to develop an innovative, all-round travel booking portal on top of its existing proprietary booking automation platform. The new solution was to meet the highest standards of usability and be capable of serving both B2B and B2C segments of the market.



The travel booking portal was projected to aggregate the best offers of the Client and provide the following features:

  • Aggregation of multiple travel services from the Client’s portfolio
  • Trip planning and calculation of the total journey costs
  • Single-click booking capability
  • Acceptance of online payments from customers across the globe
  • Comprehensive user account management functions
  • Mobile-optimized look & feel of the front-end.

From day one the brand-new portal was the focal point of the Client’s offering. With this in mind, GP Solutions arranged a dedicated team of business analysts, front-end / back-end developers and launched the development phase in 2015.


Relying on its long-standing expertise in travel technology, GP Solutions successfully covered a set of development phases to meet the Client’s goals over the course of the entire engagement. The highlights of this process are provided below.


Delivery of GP Travel HUB

GP Solutions’ proprietary product GP Travel Hub laid the foundation for the booking portal.

It served as a single point of connection to multiple travel product aggregators and suppliers. It became the backbone, which facilitated the online booking experience for the end user.

Back-office Development

The development team of GP Solutions made complete revision of the Client’s back-office application. This effort allowed to create a system with a lot more streamline and efficient reservation processing workflows. In addition, the updated application was enriched with advanced web-content management options, data analytics and reporting tools.

Integration of Online Payment Gateways

Reliable and effective online payment options are one of the cornerstones of any efficient online booking portal. GP Solutions team integrated a set of online payment system APIs and incorporated them into the general reservation workflow of the portal. The payment gateways were selected for integration with the aim to make the booking experience easily accessible for travelers across the globe.

Custom User Cabinet

GP Solutions designed and developed a custom personal account dashboard for the booking portal. The development was focused around speeding up the booking process and making it a lot more intuitive and convenient for the end user.

The final solution allowed the portal users to securely manage their personal details, payments, user setting preferences and more.


Device-agnostic Interface

In line with the overall project focus on advanced user experience, GP Solutions team made the interface of the booking portal fully compatible with the most popular operating systems and browsers. The front-end was also adapted for proper display in various screen resolutions, including all types of mobile devices.

Native Mobile Apps

Having finalized the development of the main web-portal, the Client decided to further expand its online presence by reaching out to the mobile booking segment. Upon request of the Client, the development team designed native mobile applications for iOS and Android. All the designs and workflows were developed in close collaboration with the Client. GP Solutions also took the required steps to help the Client certify and place the developed applications in app stores.

Travel Software Systems


GP Solutions successfully completed all of the goals set by the Client prior to starting the project. The dedicated development team delivered a highly-functional and user-friendly booking solution, providing travelers with the option to efficiently plan and book their trips, with full control over the bookings and personal data.

Shortly after launching the new booking portal in production, it started gaining positive reviews across the online travel industry segment. The Client’s total number of bookings increased by 68%.


HTML, CSS, JavaScript, Java 8, XML/XLST, Angular.JS, MySQL


15000 + man-hours

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