Innovative Mobile Application Development for a Reputable Individual Tour Service Provider


Project Background

Sodis is a travel agency based in Moscow and is specialized in providing individual tourism services. A typical individual tour by Sodis includes air travel, hotel accommodation, transfer, visa and insurance services. However, it can also consist of a sole service (for example, hotel accommodation) or contain a bulk of additional services (excursions, restaurant reservations, etc.).


A distinct feature of the company’s activities is a personal approach in communication with clients, whereby each website visitor is assigned with a personal manager responsible for understanding customer preferences and increasing his / her level of trust to the company.


The team at Sodis approached GP Solutions with an idea to implement a mobile application that would provide customers with simple and efficient tools to book travel services and have access to all bookings through a personal cabinet for quick purchasing and easy booking management.



The primary objective for the team at GP Solutions was to implement a modern mobile booking application using cutting-edge technologies. The cornerstone of the entire project was to build an innovative application design. It was to facilitate convenient interaction between the customer and the travel manager responsible for building individual tours that would fully meet diverse customer requirements.


The development process had to cover and complete a number of important milestones, in particular:

  • Implementation of a personal user cabinet which wouldn’t require a login and a password at all times. The cabinet was to maintain a stable connection to Sodis API for data retrieval;
  • Offline operation support by the app (in particular, ability to download accompanying tour documents via personal cabinet);
  • Creation of a user-friendly interface for tour operator staff;
  • Setup of a custom interaction flow between the customer and the managers;
  • Integration with Sodis API for stable retrieval of travel-related data.


Phase # 1: Development framework.

GP Solutions team decided to utilize Flutter Framework to develop the app. It provided everything required to create a high-performance product with declarative approach that is native to the internal platform of Sodis. Flutter combines the most productive features taken from cross-platform and native app development approaches. Such a productive mix helped to design efficient workflows for processing requests, reservations, documents and communications across iOS and Android platforms.


Phase #2: Offline operation.

Offline operation mode was implemented to ensure the user can access the entire booking information and accompanying documents anytime. All changes made in offline mode were set to be saved for further sync with the central repository.

offline documentation

Phase #3: Authorization and validation procedures.

One of the main concerns for the team at Sodis was security. Our team addressed it through implementation of a sophisticated authorization workflow for validating user identity and granting system access based on email, mobile phone verification, Apple / Google IDs a Face ID functionality.

phone number

Step #4. Integration with Sodis central reservation system.

The new app had to be seamlessly incorporated into the overall technical infrastructure at Sodis. Our team integrated it with the Customer’s internal reservation system storing data on bookings from all sales channels. This way the staff at Sodis can monitor app performance and compare its productivity with the other sales channels via a unified system.

mobile pics

Step #5. Live Chat and PUSH-notifications.

One of the key points for Sodis was to establish effective customer support and user engagement. To cover from the tech side, our team integrated a live chat to facilitate direct communication online between the support manager and the end user. Smart PUSH-notifications were integrated for retaining customer attention and increasing conversion rates.

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GP Solutions delivered a user-friendly mobile app addressing all the main business challenges of the Customer. The app was successfully incorporated into the general internal workflow at Sodis and became a stable source of revenue attracting new devoted users from the vast market of mobile travel bookings.







+1 300 man-hours

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