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Customer Profile

The Roundtable on Sustainable Biomaterials Association (‘RSB’) represents a global movement of over 130 industry and sector leaders, environmental and civil society organizations, academic institutions, UN, and government bodies. It promotes the circular economy through a globally accepted sustainability framework. The Headquarters is located in Geneva, Switzerland.

The primary goal at RSB is enabling the transition to a bio-based economy, where climate change risk is mitigated, biodiverse ecosystems are restored and livelihoods are enhanced. To do this, the client is utilizing its 3 key areas: membership, programs, and certification.

Project Challenges

Striving to improve the ecological situation in such industries as aviation, maritime transportation, and others, RSB decision-makers came up with the idea of a ‘Book & Claim system’ – an endeavor that encourages growing recognition of sustainable, eco-friendly fuels for travel and logistics industries. The platform that would embody the idea had to be easy to adopt and simple to use. In order to streamline this process and provide convenient accessibility, GP Solutions were tasked to create a well-structured and user-friendly software that would symphonize all the workflows.

Project Overview

RSB’s Book & Claim System

The mainstay of the project is the RSB Book & Claim system, a cross-sectoral initiative for members and stakeholders that aims to strengthen and expand the green process of hard-to-abate sectors that are closely connected to the travel industry. Its ultimate goal is to encourage the usage of sustainable fuels in traveling and logistics. According to several studies, these can achieve 80% GHG emission reductions in contrast to regular fossil fuels. With the help of the RSB system, sustainable fuels can be monitored so that their production doesn’t create negative consequences for ecosystems.

RSB Book & Claim System

The problem that had to be addressed is a limited range of the locations where these fuels are available. In addition, they had a higher cost compared to fossil oil, which could present difficulties for a growing number of customers throughout the world, including airlines and large enterprises that try to cut back on pollution in their business or air travel.

The workflows are organized through a procedure termed ‘chain of custody’, where the details of resources and products, including the perks tied to sustainability, are assessed, noted, and certified. Another function that the system offers to the customers is splitting certain elements and transferring them solely via a separate registry. This possibility is especially appreciated by industries like shipping and aviation, since it provides an opportunity to participate in the green movement with small investments.

RSB Book system video

The development of the RSB Book & Claim system goes on. Its effort has already been acknowledged by leading monitoring organizations in the field, such as EU RED and CORSIA, and many new useful updates are still being worked on to make the system even more efficient.

RSB’s book & claim registry

The project involves the RSB’s Book & Claim Registry, a multitask digital tool that serves as an operational basis for the Book & Claim system and carries out a process of splitting the costs of biofuel production and distribution, initially in the aviation industry. By exchanging what is termed ‘Book & Claim units (BCUs)’, or ‘credits’, committed business organizations are able to invest partially in both the production and the consumption of biofuel.

Moreover, this digital asset, known as a BCU, can be safely handed over from one owner to another upon request. In return for this digital currency, the participating business organizations get certificates verifying each credit issuance transaction as soon as the necessary quantity of biofuel has been produced and accumulated. Such customized certificates contain information about the percentage of payment for a certain biofuel-related transaction and are awarded to the participating enterprise. Thus, for multiple businesses eager to take part in increasing the sale of sustainable biofuels, the registry offers an assured and trustworthy platform.

RSB Registry

Implementation Highlights

The process of the development consisted of the following steps:

1. The GP Solutions team was tasked with achieving a goal of the RSB Book & Claim Registry, a convenient and clear software for splitting the financing of costly biofuel production and usage.

2. A secure system of transferable ‘credits’ was designed and launched. GP Solutions puts emphasis on the transparency of the process to ensure the system’s honest functioning.

3. To enhance the result, the travel software company conducted a final analysis and eliminated the weak spots of the system by adding:

  • A user-friendly interface as well as a simple UX that can be precisely tailored for the target audience, which includes the top worldwide companies;
  • Strong new backend and frontend technologies driving dependable, error-free performance;
  • Superior security framework and safeguards preserving operations and sensitive information.

From backend to UI/UX, the entire project development process was provided by GP Solutions. The best competencies and domains put their hands in various work cycles:

Development specialists types

The primary technology stack consisted of a popular and time-proven combination:

  • The backend was covered with the help of Node.js technology;
  • React framework was leveraged for the frontend;
  • and MongoDB was utilized as the central data storing and processing solution.

To provide management flexibility, the development process also included an Agile/Kanban management style, since the Product Owner and other important client stakeholders were involved in the discussion.

Ultimately, the team planned and created an entirely new solution: its strong security and great efficiency were its primary features, despite its relatively simple functioning. Specifically, a series of actions were devised to provide top safety for highly demanding users: data encryption, two-factor authentication, and a plethora of other personal data security choices were implemented. In addition, for each transaction to be executed by the system, it must be confirmed by system administrators. GP Solutions validates the security and trust of its clients, so the ‘Four Eyes Principle’ for user account management was adopted: it allows any major modifications to any account only in case they have been reviewed and approved by more than one person. Thus, any misuse or fraudulent actions are prevented and clients’ data safety is ensured.


Project Results

GP Solutions group has vast expertise and can provide excellent results in a variety of specialty areas that are in demand in the tourism industry in a very short time:

  • 6 months after the development start: the initial MVP (‘Minimum Viable Product’) was created and presented to the key project stakeholders.
  • Autumn 2023: the first live version of RSB Book & Claim Registry launched live with a complete set of features required to fully perform its objectives.
  • During RSB Annual Conference 2023, the customized solution was openly presented.

GP Solutions at RSB Annual Conference 2023

GP Solutions at RSB conference

There is still space to grow. The project development is to be continued further in 2024, with new features encountered and the integration of many other services for travel companies. Next in line are transactions for the marine industry, car fuel production, and other areas. In addition, there are also several planned collaborations with external systems that will take the existing functionality to the top.

Numerous well-known CRM systems, data storage platforms, data processing tools, etc. are among the possible systems that can be implemented. Taking into consideration the importance of confidentiality to clients, various steps of blockchain technology integration will be taken to improve the security of certain vital system processes that play a big role in the travel business.

Our Clients Say

“Our company would like thank GP Solutions for being so cooperative in implementing software solutions for our company in the shortest possible period. Your team has manifested the ultimate operational excellence and highest professional and personal competence. We consider your team’s cohesion and unity spirit as the key stone of our project’s success.”

Sven Schiller

Sven Schiller

Information Technology Director

“ We’re impressed with their willingness to always find a way to make things happen.It is a very honest relationship we have with our team at GP and they really do feel like an extension of our own company. This isn’t something you find every day.”

Josea Browne

Josea Browne

Managing Director

“I can highly recommend the services of GP Solutions. During the past 1.5 years, our company has been working with GP Solutions on a new project of ours. The company offers high quality services. We can say that we have always been satisfied by their work.”

Dennis Behnsen

Dennis Behnsen

Vice President

“GP Solutions continues to produce high-quality outputs thanks to their dedication and commitment to delivering their projects on time. The team is highly adaptable, and internal stakeholders are particularly impressed with their vast industry experience.”

Benjamin Weller

Benjamin Weller

Head of IT

“Their expertise in travel-oriented development and their team’s wide range of skills has been huge for us. Engage their people as soon as possible within your project timeline. They have a fantastic level of expertise on all development fronts that will help your project get moving quickly.”

Marc Blaser

Marc Blaser

Director Projects

“Due to their experience in travel IT we’ve selected GP Solutions to work on a custom project for TOURCOMPASS, which involved interaction with Amadeus. We found GP team to be professional, dependable and responsive. We are pleased to recommend GP Solutions GmbH as a reliable travel technology partner.”

Claus Palmgren Jessen

Claus Palmgren Jessen

Managing Director

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