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What is your most profitable sales channel? Do you prefer to sell your tourism products and services via call centers or do you focus on an travel agency network?

With GP B2B you can use all these options and it is as easy as working with a single one. Using this module your partners and agents can also create their own sub-nets, and this will bring you even more sales possibilities.

B2B sales

GP B2B is an essential tool for selling your offers through all B2B channels – via your own office and call centers, distribution agency network and corporate clients as well.

With our solution, the B2B users can easily find the best offers from all available travel suppliers and book them online in a single convenient workplace, as well as keep track of all reservations.

GP B2B module allows you to:

  • Have a single access point to search & book offers from both online suppliers and your own inventory
  • Create partner companies accounts in your system and provide system access to them
  • Develop your multilevel agent networks to broaden your sales and work with your corporate clients
  • Keep track of the offers that are sold via various sales channels

With GP B2B it is easy to organize and control your business connections and share them with your partners for mutual benefits. This complex all-in-one module allows you to extend and diversify your sales channels to make the performance of your travel business even more effective.

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