GP Inventory

  • Overview
  • Benefits

GP Inventory is designed for creating your own tourism products or keeping prices and allotments from suppliers that cannot be connected online.

With GP Inventory you can provide various types of travel services (for example, sell company’s own transfers or excursions) and immediately put them up for sale. Also, having full access to current availability and prices allows you and your partners to quickly search & book products from your inventory.

GP Inventory

The key functionality of GP Inventory lets you:

  • Manage detailed tourism product descriptions, including multimedia (images)

  • Store various prices from suppliers in a structured way

  • Configure flexible tariffs and discounts (e.g. early booking, 7=6, etc.)

  • Keep track of allotments from suppliers

Having GP Inventory as a base for your product management strategy allows you to have better visibility of what’s going on with your sales, as well as organize an instant online workplace for your clients.

See Our Works for the examples of successful GP Inventory module implementation. And we can’t wait to have you on this list!