GP Gateways

  • Overview
  • Benefits

GP Gateways is a solution that helps to integrate with corporate IT infrastructure and online services of 3rd party systems. It helps to keep consistent and actual information in all your local systems, including online booking system, your website, accounting and CRM.

And what is really important, GP Gateways module allows extending your experience through connection to online payment systems, single currency cross-rate sources and so on.

GP Gateways

The main features of GP Gateways are:

  • Single Sign-On

  • Integration with online payment systems

  • Integration with Accounting and CRM

  • External API for search & book

In other words GP Gateways is a unique solution, and you can grab it right now without spending hundreds of hours on planning and developing integration of third party services. We’ve already done it for you!

See Our Works for the successful examples of using GP modules.